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FRL para Frozen skin packing FRL para Frozen fish skin shrink wrapping FRL para Frozen fish skin shrink wrapping FRL para Ready meals wrappings FRL para Fresh products promotion

Data sheet FRL 10
FRL 10
Data sheet FRL 13
FRL 13
Data sheet FRL 15
FRL 15
Data sheet FRL 19
FRL 19
Data sheet FRL 25
FRL 25
Catalogo BELCA films


Highly transparent shrink film with special microperforation technique, used in general packaging without the use of mechanical drilling systems.
Can be applied in any overwrapping machine and in flow-pack units adapted to shrink films.
Their uniform laser microperforation allows air evacuation during the shrinking without tears or large holes.
Between the most notable features are the consistency given to the packaged product and the adaptability of the retraction that allows forming a perfect skin over it.


Production flat and centerfold.
Thickness 10, 13, 15, 19 and 25 microns.
This material can be customized in our Printing Facilities.



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