Coextruded and laminated films to seal PET trays under modified atmosphere in thermosealing, thermoforming, and flow-pack applications.
These high barrier film are specially made for use as a cover in preformed PET trays and as top reel in thermoforming lines. BELPET sophisticated lamination and coextrusion techniques, add an advanced barrier layer that keeps the freshness of the product while optimizing its shelf life. The versatile layer films incorporate advanced sealing layers with or without easy opening or anti-fogging properties. Sealing properties of BELPET can be adjusted to different types of packaging, including PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET and aluminum. BELPET is supplied in most widths and can be printed for greater sales appeal.
It has different levels barrier, including low, medium and high barrier films and highly permeable. Presents an optimal transmission of gas and vapor mixture for the preservation of the product and a maximum shelf life.
Wide range of thicknesses, including some of the thinnest films in the market, allows use the minimum thickness for less environmental impact.
Wide variety of sealing layers for greater or lower peelability, PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET and aluminum with excellent optical properties and anti-fogging that allow excellent product presentation.


Production in flat.
Thicknesses adequate for production. Request information.
This material can be customized in our Printing Facilities.



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