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General Catalogue Machines 2018

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The machine shown may include accessories not included in standard units


Snack boxes

Snack boxes


BLSD 70 is a high-performance continuous sealing machine with speeds up to 60pq/min. due to the predictive
movement of the jaw that prevents the stop in the welding process.
BLSD 70 is a very versatile mechanical machine since the continuous welding feature allows to pack or shrinkpack
products of any length.
Fully automatic, for bagging or shrink packaging if a shrink tunnel is incorporated.

• Painted laminated steel construction.
• Mechanical and electronic elements of the machine in the back inside cabinets of easy access.
• Sense of work from Right to Left.
• Front control panel with 10-inch embedded touch screen.
• Transport wheels.
• Anchoring feet adjustable in height.
• Automatic online feeding input.
• Drive by Servomotor.
• Detection of the product through photocells.
• Automatic adjustment of the width of the input belt by screen.
Reel holder
• Motorized reel holder with tension control of the film by servomotors that guarantees a constant tension from the beginning to the end of the coil and adjustable from the screen.
• Side loading reel holder.
• Print registration support.
• Pneumatically driven film drilling system.
Scrap collector
• External motorized automatic collector with pneumatic separator of the film excess.
Forming box
• Automatic adjustment of the height from the control panel.
• Film tension control in the forming box with servo motors and adjustable from the screen depending on the type and width of the film used.
Longitudinal sealer
• Longitudinal sealing with Servomotor drive.
• Sealing center regulation through touch screen and automatic positioning by servomotor.
• Continuous longitudinal sealing system using heating rollers.
• Pneumatic opening of the sealing roller when stopping the machine.
Cross section
• BOX MOTION type cross sectionwith transversal sealin bar driven by servomotor.
• Regulation of the sealing center powered by Servomotor and automatic positioning according to product height and adjustable from the screen.
• Transverse seal width 700 mm.
• Transverse sealing system by means of heated clamp with blade, teflon.
• Control operation by PLC.
• Adjustment of bag length, cutting speed, etc. from touch screen.
• Memorization of parameters up to 100 products.
• Fine adjustment temperature controllers.
• Possibility of bagging with brand printed on film.
• Automatic stop of the machine in case of obstruction of the sealers with electronic force limiter.
• Control of different positioning on the machine by means of encoder.
Electronic equipement
• Machine control through a PLC for maneuvers with last generation dedicated axis controller card through a field bus with fiber optic for control of the axes with servomotors.
• 10 "color touch screen, which facilitates the status of the machine at all times.
• Servo electronic speed drives in belts and sealers.
• Sealing temperature regulators with fine adjustment and integrated Autotuning with total configuration and touch screen control.
• Backup / Restore function in both the PLC and the Touch Screen to facilitate the replacement of these 2 elements saving time in a breakdown.
• Possibility of displaying both the manual of the machine and the electrical diagrams on the touch screen.
• Possibility of connecting the machine to the internet (Belca own fully secure VPN) to give remote assistance, facilitating the detection of possible breakdowns or make functional changes in PLC and / or Touch Screen, this connection can be done via wifi (putting the machine in the company's Wi-Fi network) or via RJ45 cable (the client will provide an Ethernet network cable with internet access).
• The connection of the machine in the customer's network will allow access from any device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) to a display screens of information on the status in real time of the machine (this access can be restricted by password).
Safety rules
• Protections and security systems in accordance with European and American standards.
• General switches equipped with security systems.
• Transmission areas, chains, etc. duly closed.
• CE Certificate, the machine conforms to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / CE.

• Synchronized feeders.
• Film end detection.
• Photoelectric cell for print registrarion work.
• Film folding system.

• Roller output.
• Motorized band.
• Rotary table.



Advisory Specifications, may not be updated. Please request updated information through the contact system.

External dimensions
  Length 4.180
  Width 1.820
  Height 1.525
  Weight > 1.220 kg
  Length Mínimum 50 mm. - Maximum not limited
  Width 120 mm. - 600 mm.
  Height 20 mm. - 250 mm.
  Width 200 to 1.000 mm.
  Diameter 350 mm.
  Power 8,5 Kw (Base Model)
  Voltage 400V AC3 + N - 50/60 Hz
  Air 6 kg/3 - 0,2 dm3/cycle
  Noise emission < 80 db



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