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Frozen cuttlefish packaging with SP 100 HR INOX and CTVDCA INOX


Flow pack packaging at the Customer’s facilities of frozen whole cuttlefish with SP 100 HR INOX and CTVDCA INOX with shrink polyolefin film BR03 BELCA.

Line with manual feeding without pushers that limit the length of the product. The SP 100 HR range has great working flexibility that allows you to pack different size products within the same production thanks to its superior film wrapping system and the predictive cross-cutting system controlled by photoelectric barriers.

The machine also has a separation control system in the input belt pass to the wrapping head that, on the one hand, ensures that the products have an adequate distance between them for cutting and, on the other hand, allows pausing the operation if there is no product to avoid empty bags.

The whole process of the machine is extremely smooth, without jumps or pressures, which makes it ideal for working with frozen products.

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