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26th January Fisherman's day

26th January Fisherman's day

Today is World Fisherman’s Day, a special date to honor and thank the hard work carried out by all the people who are dedicated to fishing. This is an essential activity for many communities around the world, and it provides food and important resources that are used in different areas, such as the food industry and scientific research.

On this special day, it is important to recognize the dedication and effort of every man and woman who works in this laborious activity, regardless of the role they play in the supply chain. Fishing is an activity of great economic, social and cultural importance, and those who work in it deserve our thanks and respect.

At BELCA we are specialists in the manufacture of innovative machinery for the preservation of seafood. Our machines guarantee that products arrive in optimal conditions anywhere in the world.

We offer a wide variety of machinery, from small ones for sporadic use to high-capacity and high-performance industrial equipment, all of them with the highest quality and technology. Our machines are designed to optimize the conservation and quality of seafood products, through efficient packaging systems, thus guaranteeing the freshness and flavor of the food. At BELCA we are committed to offering quality and durable solutions, ensuring the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

As a company within the food industry, we understand that fishing is a vital sector for our supply chain and our economy. We recognize the value of those who work in the fishing sector, from fishermen at sea to workers in processing plants on land, and understand that their work is essential to society at large.

Furthermore, we understand that sustainability is a crucial issue and we value and respect the work of all people involved in fishing and are committed to contributing to a sustainable fishing industry.