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Flow pack packaging of cheese baskets with HPS4 INOX.


Final adjustment of a new HPS4 INOX unit packaging cheese baskets with BELCA complex film. Machine with gas sweep (MAP), direct labeling and date print on reel holder.

The HPS4 INOX is a high-end automatic Flow Pack type wrapper, built to wrap a wide range of products automatically with heat-sealing materials.

The machine is used for wrapping solid products individually, which, within the dimensions specified in the technical sheet, is necessary to protect them in a certain way from external agents.

Mechanical construction of HPS4 is robust and the operation versatile since it has electronic control of the different movements of the machine.

The HPS4 INOX is prepared as standard to work without mechanical changes with shrink polyolefin (cutting off excess), BOPP, complex films, paper, green films, etc.

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