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Flow pack packaging of masks in BF 300 H with euroslot die


Flow pack packaging of facial mask packages in BF 300 H with euroslot hanging die. Factory Acceptance Test and final adjustment prior to delivery to the customer.

The BF 300 H is a high-end horizontal flow-pack or pillow type wrapper, built to wrap products automatically with certain heat-sealing materials and heat-sealing materials.

Incorporates a multi-axis electronic control that synchronizes the cross section, the rollers and the feeding carriage, which makes the machine have versatility and flexibility in product changes, as well as a good synchronism in the required movements. This leads us to obtain high performance and features of the machine.

BF 300 H is used for the wrapping of unit or tray products individually, which are within the dimensions specified in the technical sheet and some protection against external agents is necessary.

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