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Electric mechanism lid packaging with BFI 200 B3000 and BEL-Rec film


Flow-pack packaging of electrical mechanism lids in flow-pack BFI 200 B3000 working with BEL-Rec recycled polyethylene.

BEL-Rec packaging films are laminated monofilm films with similar mechanical and optical characteristics as polyethylene films from new material. They have a very high resistance to perforation and a great resistance to welding.

The BFI 200 range consists of high-end horizontal flow-pack or pillow-type wrappers with a lower reel and top sealing.

They are units specially prepared to work with new materials such as those that make up the BEL-Green family.

The B3000 models feature a belt input conveyor and are designed to automatically wrap products with heat seal materials.

This unit incorporates a band for the transport of the product at the infeed and its placement on the film.

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