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Packaging of biodegradable cutlery with paper in BFI 200 O3000


Flow pack packaging with paper of biodegradable cutlery in BFI 200 O3000. One more application of paper as a wrapping material that, together with the biodegradability of the product, makes the whole a biodegradable and sustainable pack.

This BFI 200 model incorporates a caterpillar system in the infeed carriage to transport products that, due to their characteristics, cannot be easily pushed or whose transport by belt may be unstable. In this case, the brush at the end of the inlet carriage adjusts the position of the spoons.

The molding of the paper is perfect thanks to the design of the forming box of our flow pack, allowing in the case of the BFI the formation of a stable bag regardless of the size of the product to be wrapped, without pressure on it.

Our flow packs are prepared to work with the BELGreen film range, in this case BEL-Paper.

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