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TRM 15 Automatic pallet wrapper


External dimensions

Length: 2,500 mm.
Width: 9,000 mm.
Height: 2,500 mm.

Product dimensions

Length: 1,400 mm.
Width: 1,200 mm.
Height: 2,000 mm.

Maximum reel width: 500 mm.

Maximum reel diameter: 300 mm.

Maximum speed: 25 u / h

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This is the top of the range stretch wrapper: it performs all operations automatically.

Starting with a roller conveyor the pallet pass to the body of the machine and then is wrapped, returning by another roller conveyor ready for transport.

Accepts up to 10 different programs and has multiple options for integration in an automatic wrapping line.

Also a top cover accessory can be implemented.

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Available models

Enfardadora BEX TRM 15

Application Videos

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Usable films

Some sectors of application

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