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BEX 700 BR semi-automatic pallet wrapper


• Production (as operator and load): up to 20 pallets/hour.
• Rotating arm with obstacle detecting photocell.
• Variable arm rotation speed.
• 4 cycles of programmable automatic wrapping with graphics for operator assistance.
• Wrapping height: up to 2,300 mm.
• Control panel easy to use.
• Side powered film carriage with variable speed.
• Adjustable mechanical brake with anti-entanglement.
• Automatic load height detection by photocell.
• Soft start/stop by frequency inverter with return to start position.
• Top and bottom reinforcement wraps with individual adjustment.
• Reinforcement wraps at any point in the cycle.
• Ergonomic control panel.
• Contact Security System: the stretch wrapper stops the process in case of contact with an obstacle.
• Electric power: based on the country of destination.
• Type of wrapping: Vertical.
• Maximum height: Up to 2.400 mm (consult about other heights).
• Maximum dimensions pallet and load: 1.200 x 1.200 mm (consult about other dimensions).

• Direct film brake.
• Powered film pre-stretching with anti-entanglement (200%, 300%,400%).
• Security fencing.

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Semi-automatic stretch wrapper: detect pallet’s height while making an optimized wrapping compared to a manual wrapping. At the end of the cycle they require the presence of an operator to cut the film and remove the pallet.

The load to be wrapped is introduced and positioned within the radius of rotation of the arm. The arm will start its rotation at the selected speed depending on the type of wrapping chosen. The arm continues to rotate throughout the cycle to the end point where the film cutting is done manually.

This unit can be manufactured in stainless steel and can incorporate security fencing.

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BEX 700 BR
BEX 700 BR

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