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Flow-pack accessories: CHILLER 2100 INOX


Radiation method By air
Refrigerant R407C (HFC)
Regulation system PID control

Flow in circulation Clean water / aqueous solution EG 15%
Setting range Temp., ºC 5 to 40
Cooling capacity, kW 2,1 / 2,4 (20ºC / 50/60 Hz)
Cooling capacity, Frig. 1.806 at 20ºC
Heating capacity, W 550 / 650 (20ºC / 50/60 Hz)
Temperature Stability, ºC < 0,1
Pump capacity, bar 1,3 / 1,8 (a 7 l/min / 50/60 Hz)
Nominal flow rate, l/min 7,7 (50/60 Hz)
Tank capacity, l Approx. 5
Size of connections Rc 1/2
Material of parts in contact with liquids Stainless steel with copper brazing (heat exchanger), PVC, bronze, synthetic rubber.

Voltage 200 / 230 VAC1
Circuit breaker capacity, A 10
Nominal intensity, A 5,1 / 5,9 (20ºC / 50/60 Hz)
Nominal power, kVA 1,0 / 1,2 (20ºC / 50/60 Hz)

Weight in dry state, kg 43
Sound level, db 60

Thermoforming, tray sealing and flow-pack applications.

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The refrigerator 2100 is used to cool the forming and sealing groups of the machine. Thus the mechanical elements maintain the temperature eliminating dilatations.

Furthermore, in the thermoforming zone it is used to make the film, once stretched, more transparent.

It is used in Thermoforming and Sealing applications.

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