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TFB 4500 INOX Thermoforming Machine


  • Machine made of stainless steel. AISI 304, welded with stainless steel, AISI 316.
  • Molds made of anodized aluminum (anticorrosion), hard anodized.
  • Inox chain with pre-tensioned system.
  • Lower unwinder with pneumatic expandable shaft, with Ø76mm mandrel, reel capacity L430mm, Ø350mm. Double folding support and pneumatic tensioning cylinder.
  • Bottom unwinder with quick manual film joining system (optional automatic).
  • Film unwinder with constant tensioner and regulation of unwinding by motor variable.
  • End of film control or coil break in lower and upper unwinder.
  • Quick inflation system for the expandable shaft by means of a pneumatic gun with pressure regulator.
  • Film inlet with anti-exit system and pressure by safety spring.
  • Pneumatically actuated lever-actuated lift sealing and thermoforming groups.
  • Thermoforming and sealing group easily adjustable longitudinally.
  • Sealing with automatic plate extraction system.
  • Possibility of working with shaped cut, both rigid and flexible.
  • Longitudinally adjustable cutting group for quick and precise adaptation to intermediate steps.
  • Adjustable longitudinal cutting group to adjust the start / end mold measurements.
  • Cutting groups with pneumatic lower activation.
  • Straight or zigzag cross cut blades.
  • Maximum height of molds 120mm. (Optional 150mm)
  • Thermoforming former for the formation of flexible film by vacuum system.
  • Cannula opening with titanium-treated punching system.
  • Temperature control by and type j resistance and / or PT100 probe.
  • Sealing frame for sealing flexible film by vacuum system and gas reinjection.
  • Sealing frame folding system for easy format change.
  • Valves for activation of the vacuum system in AISI 304.
  • Easy-to-remove tray support guides.
  • Loading zone system with accompanying rollers throughout the entire machine.
  • Height adjustable roller system.
  • Top unwinder with pneumatic expandable shaft, with Ø76mm mandrel, coil capacity L430mm, Ø350mm. Double folding support.
  • Unwinder film with constant tensioner and regulation of unwinding by motor variator.
  • Detection and centering system of printed film, by photocell.
  • Twin-engine spare leftover system with trimming of the cutout.
  • 500mm exterior output belt with motor variator.
  • Height adjustable output belt to adapt the container.
  • Antimicrobial output tape.
  • Self-centering output belt to avoid lateral displacement.
  • Cooling system with precise temperature control.
  • Optional refrigerator.
  • Automatic lubrication system in lifting groups.
  • Chain cleaning and lubrication system.
  • Guards and doors with safety microswitches installed, to guarantee safe operation.
  • Protections made of Aisi 304.
  • Watertight electrical panel with lighting system.
  • All electrical components used in the machine are proven reliability and CE.
  • Luminous process beacon.
  • Control panel with SIEMENS Touch Screen and product programming.
  • Ethernet system for external control and product adjustment.
  • Optional 100m³ thermoformed vacuum pump.
  • 160m³ welding vacuum pump. Other optional pumps always out of the machine.
  • Vacuum system by pressure (pressure switch) or time with independent control by isolation.
  • Gas system by pressure (pressure switch) or time with 20L lung.
  • Nylon wheels with Aisi 304 base.

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The TFB 4500 is a thermoforming machine for vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere using flexible or rigid film, oriented to fresh and frozen product.

Stainless steel construction with hard anodized aluminum elements.

Robust construction, with servo-motorized movements in the feed chain and pneumatic interlocking or servo-motorized movements for lifting groups to achieve optimum performance of production cycles.

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Termoformadora TFB 4500 INOX
TFB 4500 INOX Thermoforming Machine

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