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TSB 570 SH Tray Sealer


  • Machine made of stainless steel. AISI 304, welded with stainless steel. AISI 316.
  • Molds made of anodized aluminum (anti-corrosion).
  • Molds with resistances with independent fuses and Teflon-coated sealing plates.
  • Separate blade with independent springs.
  • Maximum height of the standard tray: 110 mm (optional: up to 165 mm).
  • Maximum protruding height of the product: 30 mm.
  • High lubrication of the vacuum pump: standard 63 -100m³ / h and mounted inside the frame of the machine (optional external 200, 300 m³ / h)
  • PLC SIEMENS, USB port, with memory programs that allow easy management of the different recipes: only sealing, partial or total vacuum, vacuum and gas graduated. It also allows to manage all the optional features and options available with the machine.
  • Possibility of connection through integrated Ethernet port for a teleservice, which allows to monitor in real time the state of the machine from any place, allowing quick interventions and clearer communications with the consequent cost savings derived from the production stoppage.
  • SIEMENS 7 inches touch screen for simplified program viewing and management, chronological history display and storage of all machine alarms.
  • Visual alarm display and built-in diagnostic page.
  • Movement of the chain through SERVOMOTOR, with the possibility of regulating the acceleration, deceleration, speed from 0 to 100 by means of a touch screen.
  • Vacuum-gas values (MAP) controlled through the digital vacuum controller inside the PLC.
  • Vacuum and gas control through the sensor, time or stages.
  • Temperature controller with PID control system and PT100 probe -Type J to ensure close and precise control of the temperature of the sealing plate.
  • The machine has a box mounted on the input belt that allows the stop and start of the line remotely.
  • Touch screen that facilitates the search for faults.
  • SMC pneumatic system.
  • Optional: Cart for molds (with or without pre-heating) to facilitate the operation of changing the mold and its movements.
  • Ease in cleaning operations thanks to the protections that can be opened, allowing direct access to internal areas. At the same time, guaranteeing safety with the presence of microswitches that read the opening of the protections.
  • Automatic rewinding system for the excess film with double roller fractionated with Motovador.
  • Machine protections installed with safety microswitches to ensure safe operation with a function that requires the machine to restart before allowing it to be used again in case any protection is opened.
  • Raised guides to reduce friction against the base of the tray, thus ensuring a smooth transfer in the mold area.
  • Machine protections made of stainless steel.
  • Rod pusher protection system built and designed to stop loading movement of the input tray if they encounter any resistance.
  • Possibility of installing film preheating.
  • Stainless steel wheels
  • Equipment for packaging with MAP protective atmosphere.

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Automatic in-line tray sealer for preformed trays based on movement by servo motors with manual loading on the base model and multiple input and output automation options.

The TSB 570 SH traysealer is specially prepared for sealing trays under vacuum with complex films and also allows the possibility of packaging the products under a modified atmosphere if the application requires it.

The working speed of this unit is up to 11 cycles per minute of simple sealing and up to 8 cycles in MAP or 5 cycles in skin, depending on the installed pump.

Tray output via modular belt with built-in aligner as standard

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Termoselladora TSB 570 SH SIM INOX
TSB 570 SH Tray Sealer

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