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AC 14 Labeller


· Self-adhesive head labeling machine adjustable in height.
· Photocells for cutting and detection. Control panel with touch screen.
· Modular chain conveyor with frequency inverter.
· Stainless steel bench with legs adjustable in height.
· CE certification, optional.

Label type Self-adhesive
System Automatic
Labeling speed 50 m/min
Product detection By photocell
Label detection By photocell
Labels max. height 140mm. Approx.
Bench material Stainless steel
Label dimensions Adaptable
Conveyor belt 2.500 mm x 100 mm
Voltage 220V AC1 + Ground

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Labeling machine for cylindrical and flat containers for one label.

One labeling head with side binder. Product collection tray. Robust chassis built in stainless steel.

Control panel with touch screen and product memory: Special labeling, Warranty seal, double label.

Custom construction according to production line requirements.

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