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Simple usability

Simple tape cassette change thanks to the push-button locking mechanism, which allows for quick and easy tape replacement.
Intuitive 5 “touch screen controller, similar to a tablet.

Integrated productivity

Precise tape control via bi-directional stepper motors minimizes gaps between codes and reduces tape waste.
The 700mm long ribbon requires fewer changes compared to heat printing or other competitive TTO systems.
The simpler belt path ensures fast changes and more efficient operation.
Bluetooth® connectivity allows operators to control the printer from an Android phone.

Adapts to your special production needs

Operation without air supply avoids the need for compressed air.
It offers high-quality codes at a speed of up to 150 packages per minute.
Unique print head design for intermittent or continuous printing.
Compact design for easy integration into most production lines.

Coding Guarantee

The WYS | WYG print preview allows operators to confirm that the correct code has been selected.
Integrated code assurance software helps reduce operator-caused errors and reduces unnecessary product waste and rework.
The real-time clock stamp prevents date errors.
Creating simple codes with design software brings benefits and versatility.

Print head

32mm, 200 dpi (8 dots / min)

Printing area

Continuous mode: Max. 32mm x 100mm (1.26 “x 3.93”)

Intermittent mode: Max. 32mm x 47mm (1.26 “x 1.85”)

Print modes

Continuous and intermittent modes on the same machine

Printing speed

Intermittent: 50mm / s to 300mm / s (2.0 ”/ s to 11.8” / s)

Continuous: 40mm / s to 500mm / s (1.6 ”/ s to 19.7” / s)

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The 6230-32 PRINTER offers easy usability with built-in Code Assurance to help reduce significantly costly coding errors in flexible packaging marking.

Achieve greater reliability and improve code quality with the 6230-32 Thermal Transfer Printer. The 6230-32 is an airless printer for the most versatile production line installations, with built-in coding assurance and easy usability to help reduce flexible packaging coding errors.

The encryption guarantee is standard on the 6230-32 when using software-created templates. These simple code creation tools help reduce operator interactions, thus minimizing user errors, unnecessary product waste, and rework.

Available with Bluetooth® connectivity, the 6230-32 printer can be controlled from an Android phone to simplify operator interaction with the production line.

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