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Advantage of longer operating time

Reduces costs and downtime, maximizes print head life, and delivers consistent print quality thanks to airless technology.
Up to 1,200m ribbon capacity and a variety of ribbon save modes maximize time between ribbon changes.

Integrated productivity

Using the default settings, you can maintain consistent code quality and prevent operators from making excessive adjustments to conventional air and power settings.
Quickly discover code readability issues that indicate possible printer maintenance needs.
Industry-leading cassette for simplicity, designed for faster tape replacement, maximizing uptime.

Code quality assurance

IAssure ™ technology, a built-in code quality checker, reduces waste and rework without additional hardware, installation, or training.
Available software helps ensure that the correct code is always printed on the correct product.

Simple usability

Simple operator interface.
Designed to withstand the toughest production line environments.
Few parts to wear and easy to change, increasing production line uptime.

Print head

53mm, 300 dpi (12 dots / mm)

Printing area

Intermittent printing mode: 53mm (2.1 ”) wide × 75mm (3.0”) long

Continuous printing mode: 53mm (2.1 ”) wide × 200mm (7.9”) long

Minimum print speed

Intermittent mode: 40 mm / s (1.6 in / s) at full print quality; 10 mm / s (0.4 in / s) in draft mode print quality

Continuous mode: 40 mm / s (1.6 in / s) at full print quality; 1 mm / s (0.04 in / s) in draft mode print quality

Maximum print speed

750 mm / s (29.5 in / s)

Maximum production

Up to 250 prints per minute

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The 6330-53 PRINTER incorporates iAssure ™ technology, an integrated code quality checker, to reduce waste and rework without additional hardware, installation, or training.

The 6330-53 marker is designed to withstand the harshest production line environments. Designed for easy maintenance with few parts to wear and an easy-to-change belt, it offers more productive operation overall.

With print speeds of up to 750mm / s and throughput up to 250ppm, the 6330-53 is available with a 53mm print head.

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