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Case sealer B 15


– Producción (según formato de caja): Hasta 25 m/min.

– Arrastre de cajas mediante bandas laterales con motores independientes.

– Doble cabezal de precintado, superior e inferior.

– Ajuste de tensión del precinto.

– Rodillos de transporte de cajas metálicos.

– Guías ajustables superiores para mantener las solapas bien escuadradas mientras se precinta.

– Ajuste de altura y anchura de las cajas regulable mediante manivela.

– Ajuste de altura de trabajo desde 570 mm hasta 800 mm.

– Paro de máquina en cabezal para rápido acceso.

– Cuadro eléctrico con llave.

Dimensiones de la caja:

  • Longitud: >100 mm.
  • Anchura: 115 – 510 mm.
  • Altura: 120 – 490 mm.


Tipo de cinta: PVC, BOPP, Kraft

Ancho de cinta: 50 – 75 mm.


Suministros :

  • Tensión: 220V AC-1
  • Potencia instalada: 0,5 Kw


Velocidad máxima: 25 m/min

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  • Belts speed: 25 m/min.
  • Carton dragging by side belts with independent motors.
  • Carton sealing: top and bottom.
  • Tape tension adjustment.
  • Metal rollers for carton movement.
  • Adjustable top guides to keep flaps squared while sealing.
  • Hand wheel adjustment of carton width and height.
  • Adjusting working height from 570 mm to 800 mm.
  • Emergency stop on top taping head for quick access.
  • Electrical panel with key.

Case dimensions

  • Length >100 MM.
  • Width 115 – 510
  • Height 120 – 490

Adhesive tape PVC, BOPP, Kraft
Compatible widths 50 – 75


  • Voltage 220V AC-1
  • Installed power 0,5 Kw
  • Compressed air —-

Maximun speed 25 m/min

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B 15 case sealer consists of a metal basic structure reinforced with a lower sealing head inserted in a section of metal rollers that is in turn attached to a metallic bridge that supports the upper sealing head.

Boxes already formed are taken by a belt system which conveys longitudinally through the machine for fast closing lower and upper flaps. After that the box is formed and sealed.

The adjustment in height and width is manual.

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Available models

Precintadora B 15
Precintadora B 15

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