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FR para Promotional grouping not uniform FR para Promotional grouping FR para Plastic wrap consumer products FR para Flyer packs plastic wrapping FR para Carton grouping FR para Magazine groups wrapping FR para Carton promotion FR para Variety of promotional items FR para Grouping distribution jars

Data sheet FR 10
FR 10
Data sheet FR 13
FR 13
Data sheet FR 15
FR 15
Data sheet FR 19
FR 19
Data sheet FR 25
FR 25
Catalogo BELCA films


Polyolefin shrink film highly transparent, used in general packaging where a perfect finish is essential.
Can be applied in virtually all overwrapping machines from semiautomatic to high-speed horizontal and in adapted flow wrappers.
Among most notable features are the consistency that gives the packed product and the shrinking adaptability that allows form a perfect skin wrapping over it.


Production flat and centerfold.
Thickness 10, 13, 15, 19 and 25 microns.
This material can be customized in our Printing Facilities.



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