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Frozen octopus trays packaging in BLSB 65 INOX and BTV PLUS INOX


Packaging of frozen octopus trays in BLSB 65 INOX automatic angular shrink-wrapping machine with BTV PLUS INOX shrink tunnel.

The BLSB series automatic angular packaging machines have been manufactured to package loose products or in groups using a single-fold heat-shrink film or bagging with non-shrink films.

These machines are very versatile and allow bagging a wide variety of products that meet the specifications of the technical data sheet.

The BTV PLUS shrink tunnels, built in both painted and stainless steel, have a transport system using silicone-coated mobile rollers and a long chamber to obtain a perfect finish without the need to use very high temperatures.

They have a system for regulating air flows from the outside, which facilitates adjustment even when the tunnel is hot.

For uses in which high speeds and/or habitual adjustments of the attack flows are required.

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