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Polyethylene shrink packaging of cardboard boxes with BLSC 80 and CTVDCA


Shrink packaging of groups of preformed boxes with a shrink line formed by a BLSC 80 continuous welding shrink machine and a CTVDCA shrink tunnel working with micro-perforated polyethylene.

The BLSC is a high performance, continuous welding machine with rates of up to 65 pq / min, fully mechanical and highly versatile. The continuous welding feature allows products of any length to be bagged or shrunk.

The BLSC is a unit designed for long or very long series or in those cases in which a high work rate is required both in bagging and in shrinkage if a shrink tunnel is incorporated, such as in this case a CTVDCA tunnel.

The CTVDCA shrink tunnels, built in both painted and stainless steel, have a transport system by means of silicone-coated mobile rollers and an interior viewing window of the shrinkage process.

They have an top cover opening system which allows easy adjustment of the interior air flows and quick cleaning.

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