30 years accompanying our clients with their own innovative designs and developing new packaging solutions.

Consumables for packaging:

BELCA has a wide range of films and consumables for packaging units and lines distributed in six families based on their composition and properties.

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Heat-shrinkable plastic films with high resistance, gloss and transparency, ideal for product presentations or promotions.

Films composed of two or more laminated or co-extruded components for applications with a high level of finish.

Environmentally friendly films: plant-based, recycled, single-layer or paper-based.

Glossy films for automatic non-shrink bagging with horizontal or vertical machines.

Films for general packaging used in shrink wrapping, bagging and vertical filler applications.

Wrapping films applicable in pallet wrapping machines or manually with a large number of thicknesses and formats.

Category composed of various types of films not included in the rest of the families.

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Film Printing and Handling:

An important area of our activity is the printing and handling of plastic films, both shrinkable and for bagging.

In today’s world, the importance of product presentation increases day by day. This forces us to produce increasingly higher quality films, both in their composition and properties, as well as in the quality of their printing. In BELCA always we aim to meet the current needs of the market and prepare to maintain that response in the future.

In our film PRINTING and HANDLING Section, we have printing machines up to 6 inks suitably adapted to ensure maximum quality and print durability without deteriorating the qualities of the film.

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Our film printing and handling facilities allow us to work with any flexible film support, both in shrink polyolefin films, as well as in polyethylene or polypropylene for bagging. The printing process is fully controlled and carried out in our facilities by personnel with long experience in these tasks. This internal control of all printing processes allows us to ensure the highest quality in any format, considerably shortening delivery times and minimum quantities.

In addition to printing films, we also have a series of auxiliary units that allow us to fold and unfold films and cut to adapt both printed and neutral materials to the particular needs of our customers.

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