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Remote Technical Assistance via Internet

At BELCA we have been incorporating an ethernet kit into our machines that allows connection to the Internet via cable or via WIFI network. The mission of this accessory is to facilitate Remote Assistance through a secure connection to our VPN.

Through this system we have the possibility of connecting the machine to the internet (totally secure Belca’s own VPN) to provide remote assistance, facilitating the detection of possible breakdowns or making functional changes in the PLC and / or Touch Screen. This connection is made via WIFI (through the company’s Wi-Fi network) or via RJ45 cable (the client can connect it with an Ethernet network cable with internet access)

In any case, this connection must always be made at the request of the Client to guarantee that in no case does it have access to production data.

Our team of engineers assesses the condition of the machine, verifies the history of errors (the only data that is accessible) and diagnoses the eventual failure by remotely introducing the modifications that may be necessary or indicating the procedure to correct it.

This process, at the very least, provides a drastic reduction in downtime, since in the hypothetical case that it cannot be resolved electronically, the point of error is usually delimited.

In the same way that it facilitates the detection of faults, it also allows the remote loading of new versions of the firmware of the machine that usually incorporate functional improvements or modifications to adapt the machine to new products that were not contemplated at the beginning.

All at a distance and without the presence of external personnel at your facilities.