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Flow pack
BF 260 H
BF 260 H SIM
BF 260 H
BF 260 H
BF 260 H SIM
BF 260 H SIM
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BF 260 H
BF 260 H SIM
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High production flow pack with top support system by brush

Horizontal flow-pack type wrapper designed for the packaging of fruit and vegetable products with bottom welding and entry by means of pushers with accompanying belt.

Application Sectors:

Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables

Technical Features


Up to 220 packs per minute

(Depending on product and type of film)

Dimensiones del Producto


Max: 210 W – 140 H – 450 L (mm)

General use


Trays, batches and units

Synchronous standard flow-pack with lower sealing designed for horticultural products with pushers and assistance band input in standard model. These units have a superior support system securing the position of the product when passing through the head preventing to be dislodged when introduced into the film tube. This feature, and the softness of the accompaniment enables to work whith unitary or groups of products with irregular shapes.

Controlled by display control, PLC and servo motors.

Different sealing bar widths and multiple jaw to increase production is available. For all production volume where longitudinal seal is possible under the product and high working speed may be required.

· Electronic machine powered with independent engines (clamps, rollers, feeding) synchronized by a electronic multi-axes control.
· Machine built in laminated steel, with the mechanical and electronic elements of the machine in the back inside easily accessible cabinets.
· Direction of the machine: from right to left.
· Touchscreen that facilitates machine status at all times.
· Adjusting the length of bag, cutting speed, etc from touch screen.
· 20 memories for product formats (expandable.
· Parts in contact with the product, stainless steel.
· Electronic speed for bands and sealers.
· Sealing temperature regulators with fine tuning.
· 4 mts. loading area in standard model, 2,8 mts. and 8 mts. available.
· No-product no-bag system.
· Variable forming box.
· Film constant tension from the maximum diameter to the minimum coil.
· Reel holder with self-centering system without cones.
· Motorized reel holder for driving the film.
· Printed film synchronization photocell.
· Rotary cross sealing jaws driven by servomotor.
· Automatic progressive speed variation for cross sealing jaws.
· Stop with cross seal jaws open.
· Automatic machine stop in case of obstruction of the jaws with electronic efforts limiter.
· Adjust of welding center.
· Protections and safety systems in accordance with European and American standards.
· Double reel holder.
· Acoustic and lighting wrning for coil end.
· Automatic reel switching.
· Brush to the accompaniment of the product.

· Different versions of sealing and cross cutting.
· Film coders and printers.
· Double cross sealer.
· Rotary table.
· Output rollers.
· Motorized belt.

  • Bioriented Polypropylene: Glossy film for automatic non-shrink bagging. (BOPP)
  • Complex Films: Film composed of two or more components to guarantee sealing, from 40 to 150 microns. Shrink film of between 20-25μm with barrier to oxygen in application with gas sweeping.
  • BEL-Green range: more environmentally friendly films.
  • Paper: Different types and thicknesses


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