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Flow pack
HF 32 5S
HF 32
HF 32 5S
HF 32 5S
HF 32
HF 32
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HF 32 5S
HF 32
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Flow pack packaging of trays at high speed with synchronized input.

High-end horizontal flow-pack wrappers to wrap products on trays at high speeds. Placing the machine in line with the filling processes, these are fed automatically without the need to be manipulated by operators.

Application Sectors:

Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables

Technical Features


10 to 320 packs per minute

(Depending on product and type of film)

Dimensiones del Producto


Max: 250 W – 120 H – 500 L (mm)

Remote Assistance


Access to the BELCA VPN

HF 32 range is a high-end horizontal flow-pack wrappers, built to pack products on a tray automatically at high speed, placing the machine in line with the filling processes. These are fed automatically without the need to be manipulated by operators.

The machine is used to wrap solid products individually, which are within the dimensions specified in the technical data sheet and some protection against external agents is necessary.

HF 32 incorporates an electronic axis control that synchronizes the cross section, the rollers and the feeding carriage, which makes the machine have versatility and flexibility in product changes, as well as a good synchronism in the required movements. This leads us to obtain high performance and features of the machine. It also incorporates a double reel holder to reduce machine downtime.

HF 32 is equipped with the latest in axis control for precise and fast changes in a fully automatic way, through a touch screen that allows to memorize more than 100 different products.

The film used can be polypropylene BOPP or complex heat sealable films.


  • Machine built in painted laminated steel.
  • Parts in contact with the product, in stainless steel (AISI 304).
  • Mechanical and electronic elements of the machine at the rear inside easily accessible cabinets.
  • Direction of work from Right to Left.
  • Easily accessible adjustable control panel with embedded touch screen.


  • Various types of fully synchronized input.
  • Product input by conveyor belts driven by servomotors independently.
  • Product guides adapted to the product.


  • Motorized reel holder for dragging the film.
  • Constant film tension from maximum to minimum diameter of the reel.
  • Double reel holder.
  • Automatic film change.


  • Pre-formed film by means of product guides before forming.
  • Variable forming box depending on the product, adjustable in height and width.


  • Longitudinal sealing with independent servomotor drives.
  • 4 pairs of film driving rollers.
    • 1st set of steerable pulling rollers.
    • 2nd set of heated rollers for sealing.
    • 3rd set of heated rollers for sealing.
    • 4th set of folding rollers.
  • Pneumatic opening of the sealing rollers when the machine stops.
  • Individual adjustment of the Pneumatic pressure of each sealer with pressure regulators.


  • Double Rotary sealing bar for transverse welding actuated by servo motor.
  • 300 mm wide cross seal that guarantees perfect tightness.
  • Regulation of the sealing height depending on the product.
  • Straight cut blade.


  • Adjustment of bag length, cutting speed, etc. from touch screen.
  • Memorization of parameters up to 100 products.
  • Non-product, non-bag function.
  • Detection of badly positioned product.
  • Stop with open cross section.
  • Automatic stop of the machine in case of obstruction of the jaws with electronic efforts limiter.


  • Machine control through a PLC for maneuvers with the latest generation dedicated axis controller card through a field bus with fiber optic to control the axes with servo motors.
  • Electronic machine equipped with independent servomotors (cross section, sealing rollers, belts, feeding belt).
  • 10 “color touch screen, embedded, with IP65, which facilitates the visualization of the status of the machine at all times and its durability.
  • Electronic speed servo drives in bands and sealers.
  • Sealing temperature regulators with fine adjustment and integrated autotuning with full configuration and control from touch screen.
  • Mercotac on thermal sensors.
  • Acoustic and luminous reel end warning.
  • Replacing Servo Motors and Servo Drives in a simple way: the configuration values ​​of that Servo Drive remain in the axis controller, so restarting the machine after a replacement will work without the need for any other action, which facilitates replacements and saves time in breakdowns .
  • Backup / Restore function in both the PLC and the Touch Screen to facilitate the replacement of these 2 elements, again saving time in a breakdown.
  • Possibility of viewing both the machine manual and the electrical diagrams on the touch screen.
  • Possibility of connecting the machine to the internet (BELCA owned VPN fully secure) to give remote assistance, facilitating the detection of possible breakdowns or making functional changes in the PLC and / or Touch Screen, this connection can be made via Wi-Fi (by connecting the machine in the company’s Wi-Fi network) or via RJ45 cable (the customer will provide an Ethernet network cable with internet access)


  • Protections and security systems in accordance with European and American standards.
  • General switches provided with safety systems.
  • Transmission areas, chains, etc. properly closed.
  • CE certified, the machine conforms to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / CE.
  • KITS

    • Different cutting, pre-cutting, zig-zag blades … etc.
    • Different versions of sealing.



    • Rollers output.
    • Motorized belt.
    • Rotary table.
    • Film printers – Coders.
  • Bioriented Polypropylene: Glossy film for automatic non-shrink bagging. (BOPP)
  • Complex Films: Film composed of two or more components to guarantee sealing, from 40 to 150 microns. Shrink film of between 20-25μm with barrier to oxygen in application with gas sweeping.
  • BEL-Green range: more environmentally friendly films.
  • Paper: Different types and thicknesses


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