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VCC PLUS INOX in-line vacuum


• Can be installed in both directions, from left to right or vice versa.
• Pack all types of products and sizes into the vacuum within the dimensions.
• Units or group packaging.
• Swivel screen and accessible from both sides of the machine.
• 10 programs for different products.
• Vacuum control by millibar, by time or by both at the same time.
• Intermittent vacuum.
• Vacuum not reached alarm.
• Soft-air: Soft intermittent air filling.
• Can work with flow-pack machines and vacuum bags, both shrinking and non-shrinking.
• Three working modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.
• Top welding of 3 mm cord, especially designed for fresh food production.
• Special welding that seals with oil, blood, grease, etc.
• Belt movement with adjustable speed
• From 1 to 2.5 cycles/min. according to pumps and humidity-temperature of the product

• Output buffer.

• Wide range of shrink tunnels.

• Rotary table.

• Output rollers.

• Motorized belt.

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VCC PLUS INOX is a vacuum unit ideal for installation in flowpackaging lines for fresh products. Can work in activated mode as a vacuum line, or as a by-pass line when no vacuum is required.
Mount a sealing system specially designed for humid or greasy environments and can work with both shrinking and non-shrinking films with cadences up to 2.5 cycles per minute.
The mechanical construction is robust and the operation versatile because the machine can be installed in both directions.

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