30 years accompanying our clients with their own innovative designs and developing new packaging solutions.

New family of BELGreen films respectful with the Environment

About 50% of food packaging is plastic packaging. Plastics have broad advantages and functionalities that other alternative materials are not capable of offering and play, without a doubt, a key role in the transition towards a Circular Economy, more efficient in the use of resources.

The base is summarized in three words: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The solutions go through finding new materials for durable, reusable packaging that allow high quality recycling. Safety and sustainability mark the packaging roadmap of the future.

According to various studies, most of the value of plastic packaging materials is lost as most of these packaging are only used once and only a small part (less than 15%) is recycled. The transition towards a model of Circular Economy of Plastic can offer a solution to some of these problems and, in addition, generate new jobs, reducing our dependence on the increasingly scarce raw materials.

At the regulatory level, the EU has already designed a plan with fairly defined actions, of which we can highlight:

  • By 2030, all existing plastic packaging on the EU market must be reusable or can be recycled in a cost-effective way.
  • It is committed to the design of new packaging to allow higher rates of recycling of plastics in all key applications.
  • By 2030, sorting and recycling capacity should have quadrupled since 2015, so that recycled plastics will become an increasingly valuable raw material for industries
  • Substances that make recycling processes difficult must be replaced or eliminated.
  • Plastic leakage to the environment will drastically decrease

At BELCA we have committed ourselves to the development and implementation of new materials, both based on bioplastics and monolayer, for which we have the experience and the means to apply them in real packaging processes without compromising their functionalities and quality of packaging.

We work together with our clients in the Life Cycle Analysis, the carbon footprint and the reduction of the environmental footprint.

Before consumption, food comes into contact with a multitude of materials and objects during its manufacturing, storage, preparation and service process.

In order that these materials do not have a negative effect on the health of consumers or influence the quality of food, there are a series of controls and legal requirements and from BELCA we ensure strict compliance with these requirements.

From this desire to prepare for the new packaging, the BELGreen family of films was born, films of various origins and with diverse properties and uses, but all of them respectful of the Environment.

This family is made up of four main subfamilies:

The BEL-Pla family is made up of films of plant and sustainable origin. They are compostable films and suitable for food use. They are used in practically any packaging machine, although their most widespread use is flow-pack packaging.

The BEL-Rec family is made up of monolayer films in whose composition a high percentage of recycled plastic has been used. They have properties very similar to films based on virgin material and within the family there are films suitable for food use. All of them are recyclable in an unlimited way.

The BEL-Paper family consists of paper-based films and multiple treatments depending on the use that is going to be given to it. All of them are sustainable due to their natural origin, they are recyclable and, most of them, compostable. They are used in horizontal flow-pack packaging applications or in vertical filling systems. At BELCA we have a machine manufacturing line suitable for the use of paper as a packaging material.

The BEL-Eco family is made up of one-component films made of virgin material. Within the family there are films suitable for food use and all of them are completely recyclable since no materials have been mixed in their production that could make it difficult to recycle.

This is BELCA‘s current commitment to the packaging of the future, and we work in the search for new solutions for packaging always from the aim of promoting efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly packaging.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we have the machines, the films and the experience you need to advise you on the design of a new packaging for your products that meets the new regulatory requirements, those of your customers and those of, increasingly demanding end consumers. Sustainable Packaging is now a reality within everyone’s reach.