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New HFI3 flow pack: flexibility, productivity.

If you work with agricultural products, you will know how flexible your packaging machines must be, since it is not possible to make your products perfectly homogeneous.

The new HFI3 range is the perfect solution for the flow pack packaging of your products, as well as being able to be applied to practically any other sector, both food and industrial.

Installation for the packaging of two romaine lettuces in HFI3 B3000 flow pack with manual loading.

The new HFI3 flow pack has bottom reel and a shaping system ideal for irregular products that should not be subjected to pressure. This characteristic together with the high productivity of this unit make it ideal for multiple products, including agricultural products.

This machine has double self-centering reel holders as standard to minimize changes and an electronic touch panel control system that is easy to program and has the capacity to store up to 100 products.

The HFI3 flow packs offer easy adjustment without sacrificing high productivity and the possibility of incorporating multiple accessories such as printers and labellers in the reel holder and multiple input possibilities.

They are built with the latest advances in the sector and incorporate a machine control through a PLC for maneuvers with a last generation dedicated axis controller card through a field bus with fiber optic for controlling the axes with independent servomotors for each movement (cross section, sealing rollers, belts, feed belt).

This new range allows the possibility of connecting the machine to the Internet to provide remote assistance, facilitating the detection of possible breakdowns or making functional changes in the PLC and / or Touch Screen. Furthermore, the eventual replacement of Servomotors and Servo Drives can be carried out in a simple way since the configuration values of that ServoDrive remain in the axis controller, which facilitates substitutions and saves time in breakdowns.

The HFI3 range can work with flexible complex film or BOPP, both smooth and micro or macro perforated and other heat-sealing or cold-sealing materials.

Our films offer excellent machinability and outstanding performance at all points on the packaging line with a good barrier against moisture and odors.

The different materials can be personalized and adapted in our PRINTING AND HANDLING SECTION.