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Film stock scheduling

Custom film stocks program.

At BELCA we know the importance of always having the ideal materials for your production, without equivalences or substitutions. For this reason we have created a customized film stock program for our clients that guarantees that the material of habitual use is available in our warehouses.

Now you can forget about having the reels for the next season in your warehouse.

We take care of it.

You’ll have the films and supplies you need when you really need them. Our permanent stock includes shrink polyolefins, BOPP polypropylenes, polyethylenes, complex films, stretch films and next generation biodegradable films, both for the Food and Non-Food Industries.

In addition, our films are mostly subject to customization to adapt them to specific productions in our Printing and Handling Section, where we can prepare special measures and print up to 6 inks.

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