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Recycled films BEL-Rec

Single-layer Film
Food Grade


  • Monofilm
  • Between 20% and 100% recycled material
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • Excellent Optical Properties
  • High Perforation Resistance
  • Excellent Welding Strength
  • Full Band Microperforation/ Macroperforation
  • Band Microperforation/ Macroperforation with the exact repetitions of perforation pattern on every single pack
  • Flow Pack Packaging machine (HFFS)
  • Tray sealers
  • Vertical Wrappers
  • Fully Automatic L – sealer machine
  • Semi-Automatic L – sealer machine
  • Fully Automatic L – sealer machine with continuous sealing

Suitable for any food and non-food packaging

Our materials can be personalized and adapted in our PRINTING AND HANDLING SECTION. Contact our Team so that we can offer you a suitable solution for your Production.

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