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CUSTOMIZED automatic sleeve wrappers

BEAL 80 customized
BEP 80 SR symmetrical
BEAL 80 customized
BEAL 80 customized
BEP 80 SR symmetrical
BEP 80 SR symmetrical
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BEAL 80 customized
BEP 80 SR symmetrical
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Automatic shrink banding with a design adapted to the product.

Custom designed stretch wrappers designed to wrap products with shrink polyethylene film with in-line entry via conveyor belt or stacking, or with automatic introduction systems. For finishing it is necessary to install a heat tunnel. Get to know the BELCA range of shrink tunnels.

Application Sectors:

Textile Industries
Textile Industries
Perfume Industry

Technical Features


from 8 to 12 packs per minute

(Depending on product and type of film)

Dimensiones del Producto


Special design for specific productions.

General use


Special design for specific productions.

Machines designed to wrap products or batches of products with shrink polyethylene film. Starting in all cases with two foil coils as wrapping material, one upper and one lower, the product is tubularly wrapped and sent to a heating chamber.

Through a shrink tunnel, the film is contracted so that the final finish is a protected and compact package.

This range of machines starts from the chassis of standard machines and is designed for specific products, incorporating special functions and accessories at the time of manufacture.

• Machine built in laminated steel.
• Electronic elements of the machine in a cabinet with easy access.
• Sense of work depending on the product and the line.
• Parts in contact with the product, in stainless steel.
• Infeed belt with driven rollers at the end of the path.
• Motorized reel holder for dragging the film.
• Double reel holder.
• Sealing bar generally actuated by servomotor.
• Heated jaw sealing system.
• (BEP models) Motorized pusher with product entrapment safety.
• Security system in case of power failure so that the clamp does not lower.
• Memorization of parameters up to 20 products.
• Automatic stop of the machine in case of obstruction of the jaws.
• Clamp safety for NO entrapment of product.
• Complete setting of times and functions, by means of a user-friendly programmable terminal.
• Touch screen that facilitates the status of the machine at all times.
• Fine-tuned sealing temperature regulators.
• Electronic speed variator for input belt, cross section and pusher.
• Protections and security systems in accordance with European and American standards.
• CE certified, the machine conforms to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / CE.

• Ethernet kit.
• Hoist for reel loading.
• Stainless steel construction.
• Synchronized feeders.
• Rotary table.
• Roller output.
• Conveyor Belts.
• Pressor at the exit.

For retractable applications it will be necessary to have a retraction tunnel. For this we have a wide range of shrink tunnels. Consult models according to need.

  • Polyethylene: Tear and puncture resistant film. (PE)


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